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Car Paint Protection Bendigo

Quality Automotive Paint & Interior Protection at a Reasonable Price


Don't get conned into paying $1500 or more for Paint and Interior Protection for your car.
Find out how we can save you 50% or more, without compromising on quality or service.
We provide a quality product at a reasonable price.

toughseal paint protection bendigo

Quality Product

We are the agents for ToughSeal in the Bendigo area, ToughSeal has been proven to be one of the best paint protection products on the market, delivering not only great protection for your vehicle, but also a fantastic long lasting shine.

Professional Application

We take pride in our work, and never take any shortcuts when it comes to paint protecting your pride and joy.
Let us show you just how good your vehicle can look.

car paint protection bendigo

Affordable Paint Protection

At Car Paint Protection Bendigo, we strive to provide both top of the range products and services to our customers without the ridiculous prices charged by some of the car dealers. 

Before committing to paying a premium for what could well be a second rate product, contact us for a quote on the award winning ToughSeal product.

ToughSeal Quality

ToughSeal is a complete protection system for the paint and interior of your car, bike, boat, plane or even caravan.

The patented acrylic PTFE sealant will protect your cars paint work for a guaranteed 5 years.

ToughSeal Protects Against

- Ultra Violet Rays
- Oxidation
​- Bird Poo
​- Acid Rain
​- Fading
​- Diesel Fumes
- Tar, Bugs & General Grime

toughseal paint protection bendigo
new car paint protection bendigo

Professional Application

At Car Paint Protection Bendigo, we know that the preparation of the cars duco is the most important and time consuming step in the paint protection process, and unfortunately the step that is most often neglected, or outright ignored.

We will never skimp on the preparation or any other step in paint protecting your car.

There is a very good reason why our customers keep returning every time they buy a new car ! 

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